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‘Live’ from LS:N Global Autumn Trend Briefing

20th October 2010

“I just make videos because I truly believe
that, together with the internet, we can
change the world for the better!”
Myles Dyer, vlogger

Emerging micro-trends and cutting-edge innovations that leading brands are already adopting, guide us in making informed decisions that help our clients succeed. To get a fresh insight into what lies ahead, Interstate recently attended the Autumn 2010 LS:N Trend Briefing hosted by The:Future:Laboratory.

In a future where change seems to be the only constant, trying to predict what comes next might seem like a blind stab in the dark. How do we live ten years from now? Does growing environmental awareness and concerns about climate change affect the choices we make in our offline and online life? In the future do we harvest our own crops from local rooftop allotments? Do we rent our car from the local car club to cut down on resources? As the boundaries between online and real life blurs, how do we keep up with Generation D, the new kids on the block who can’t imagine a world without computers, mobile phones and the internet? Will we all communicate through avatars, customised online versions of our perfect selves, or is social media a fad of the noughties? What are our common values and how do they affect the choices we make as consumers?

For four intense sessions discussing the latest in micro and macro trends we got a taste of tomorrow’s media landscape and its new inhabitants. An exciting new ‘live’ age was introduced and dramatised by a heckler stirring up the audience (and the security guards), and a string quartet quietly performing John Cage’s soundless symphony 4’33. We left the trend-briefing inspired and entertained, ready to apply our learning to new and exciting projects. Just for a moment we glimpsed the future, and we’re ready to help shape yours.

For more information about this and future events see LS:N Global

Images by Interstate and LS:N Global

Linn Published by Linn 20th October 2010