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A century of Olympic posters

2nd November 2010

Passing the local library, I stumbled upon a graphic designers dream; a collection of Olympic posters showcasing the past century of games. Styles have changed over the years from strong, almost propaganda style glorious paintings, to minimalist iconic graphic art. In my opinion, the style peaked in Mexico ’68 (main image).

The exhibition is still running; well worth a visit. Apologies for the image quality, the lights were low to protect the prints. Better images of the collection can be found in the Independent article here.

The jury’s out if the 2012 posters become design classics, but as long as they leave off any reference to double decker buses, bowler hats, ‘Cool Britannia’, the 2012 Logo, accompanying typeface and McDonalds Logo, they should be great.

Iain Published by Iain 2nd November 2010
  • Louis W

    Lance Wyman’s work on the Mexico 68 Olympics is amazing. It had such an impact throughout the host nation that even students holding protests against the state used an adapted version of Wymans work on T-shirts and banners.
    Nice to see design leaving its own legacy.