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A Record-breaking Lift

8th August 2012

On Saturday I went off to Excel to watch the men’s weightlifting 94kg division. I’m a fan of the World’s Strongest Man competitions, so I was really looking forward to seeing how much these guys could lift. I was not left disappointed! It was unbelievable watching them lift such enormous weight. It’s incredible to see how far athletes can push their bodies, and the feats they can achieve.

After the snatch, 3 lifters were tied on 185kg. However, Ilya Ilyin of Kazakhstan completely outclassed his opposition in the clean and jerk, and ended up winning the event by some margin, shattering 2 world records in the process – the most weight lifted in the clean and jerk, and the total weight lifted. He lifted 185kg in the snatch, 233kg in the clean and jerk, with a total weight of 418kg!

The competitors

The judges

The starting scoreboard

Loading the bar

Preparing to attempt to break the world record

The lift


The final scoreboard

The medal ceremony

The medal winners

Chris Published by Chris 8th August 2012