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Arabic Typography in New York

30th October 2009

Nigel and myself attended the Arabic Typography workshop at the TDC (Type Directors Club) in New York last weekend. The event was hosted by Nadine Chahine, Linotype’s branding manager and Arabic Type expert.

Proceedings kicked-off on the Thursday evening with a short presentation and introduction and then we got down to the fun stuff at 8.30am on Friday morning. In preparation for the event we each had to select a ‘latin’ logotype and our task, with the help of Nadine’s expert advice, was to create the Arabic version.

I worked on the Arabic version of a current branding project we have in the studio, as such I can’t show the results at present as the project is still in development. Nigel chose to create an Arabic version of the Allianz logo and its modern and heavy Latin appearance led to some interesting results when trying to achieve the correct balance between the two. What really surprised both of us was the fact that out of all the attendees we were the only two who decided to sketch first, everyone else jumped straight on to the Mac!

Equally as intriquing as the workshop itself was the venue in which it was held. The TDC is located on West 35th Street and when not in use for events it is used by House Industries, the Delaware based type foundry, as their New York showroom. They had some great products on display and together with the TDC’s collection of lead letterpress type and related artifacts it all created a wonderful and inspiring environment.

All in all it was a great weekend and an invaluable experience. Thank you to everyone at the TDC, especially Carol Wahler, for hosting the event and a very big thank you to Nadine for sharing with us her experience and expertise.

Jonathan Published by Jonathan 30th October 2009
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