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22nd June 2011
I sat in the cinema on the weekend watching ‘Senna’. It was thrilling, enchanting, exciting, beautiful, informative, horrific and incredibly sad in parts. All a movie should be pushing all your emotions. I was amazed at the racing. I laughed at Jean Marie Balestre. I shook at the crashes. I was angry at Prost. I did not know just what Senna was going through to win and lose those Championships and of course I¬†wept at his death.

Once home I hunted through my collection of Formula One images. I have been involved in the sport for many many years and am proud and fortunate to have many great memories. So here to share with you are my special images of Ayrton. Yes that funny little person with short spiky hair is me. The other images were from another race I can’t remember which one but I was sure he was looking at me. Well I will always like to think so….

Jayne Published by Jayne 22nd June 2011
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