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Big Ben

12th May 2011

This was artwork on a LARGE scale. Asked to supply Mumtalakat, Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, with a billboard to be erected in support of the government, we set about designing with the bigger picture in mind. But I, like most designers, am shielded from the full force of actually delivering the final product to the client; this was Ben’s job.

Poor Ben… We knew the dimensions of this giant advertisement but quite frankly, at 0.18% of the size of your artwork, there is no easy way to comprehend 715 metres square. Supported only by managing director Nick, supplying endless cups of tea and a shoulder to cry on in the wee small hours, the boys struggled on with 28gb images, that after waiting 90 minutes for them to save, couldn’t even be placed. Even building the file at 10% was too much for InDesign to handle and soon the dreaded ‘spinning umbrella of justice’ was circling round and round.

17 hours, 2 macs, 9 restarts and a Royal Wedding later, Ben finally left the studio having delivered this mammoth piece of artwork. And I would personally like to thank and congratulate him as we received images of the billboard in action and it looks truly awesome…

Nice one Ben xlx

Lucy Published by Lucy 12th May 2011