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Birds of a feather

3rd July 2012

Flying home the other day I sat in Geneva airport waiting for the plane to arrive. I soon noticed it had behind me and as I glanced through the tinted glass of the terminal for a split second thought the British Airways livery had faded, or my eyesight was getting much worse than I had thought. On boarding I then realised that the A319’s whole livery was a bit different it was a golden dove. The BA tail-fin graphic and logo had been changed to gold hence the fading concern! With mock feather gold decals all over the fuselage and wings it was quite impressive.

But I had to laugh when reading the High Life magazine on board. As part of BA’s Great Britons campaign, to celebrate British talent in the Olympic year, Pascal Anson was commissioned to design the livery. Poor Dave, BA operations manager in the paint hangar had quite a job. Bless him his first thought was “Oh no.” Working with Pascal and Tracey Emin he goes on to say “it was just so different to me day job. I’ve been working in engineering for 33 years, and to be in a room with a load of artists took me out of my comfort zone.” I bet it did.

But with true British grit and determination as well as over 35 template sheets, a bespoke gold colour, fine plastic beads being sprayed over the paint to make it really sparkle and 950 man hours later –┬áDave delivered the design!

Jayne Published by Jayne 3rd July 2012
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