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Capturing It!

5th July 2010

On more than one occasion recently I have noticed some quite prominent exposure of the font we used for the Play F.C. branding project. I suspect this is just coincidence and down to the fact that since using it I have become visually aware of its characteristics. Interestingly though, albeit for one example, the context in which it is used is far removed from the motive behind using it for Play F.C.

The font in question is called ‘Capture It’ and is available as a free download from We decided Capture It was perfect for Play F.C. for two reasons. Firstly, it expressed our idea of stenciling messages and chants on grass (inspired by the painting of the white lines of a football pitch), and secondly, being a free download, it was ideally suited to the budget of this charitable cause.

I first saw it in use for The Expendables movie. However, the identity of this movie has since changed for its upcoming UK release and is now displayed in a distressed traditional serif font. I was at the cinema again last week and I noticed the font all over the posters promoting the new A-Team movie. On the movie’s official website the font gets even more exposure. It’s quite interesting that two of 2010’s biggest action films both decided to use this font for their promotional material, both obviously utilising its military stencil appeal. However, just to show we were not alone in using it to express a football theme I discovered some downloadable player profiles on the website of the Slovenian Football Association, they have used it to display the squad numbers of their players.

The A-Team Movie posters

Examples of HypoGroup's player profiles of the Slovenia team at the 2010 World Cup

Jonathan Published by Jonathan 5th July 2010