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26th July 2012

They say, ‘What goes around, comes around.’ and this seems quite true for the world of design and motorsport. Surfacing on Nick’s desk recently, the beautiful 1986 Austrian Grand Prix leaflet alongside a rather identical angled 2012 Singapore Grand Prix version.

In the 26 years between, nothing much has changed aside from the designer’s media choice (was paint, now pixel) the car is now ‘generic’ rather than a specific Ferrari and the chequered flag of old unintentionally being echoed in the oh-so-2012 QR code. It seems ironic that the leaflet of old didn’t have to carry as much information even though there was no internet or social sharing to ‘find out more’.

Will the 2012 leaflet be so fondly cherished in 26 years time? Check this blog in 2038 and we’ll let you know…

Iain Published by Iain 26th July 2012