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11th April 2011

When experiencing a creative block, one of the first things we do nowadays is trawl the web for some inspiration. Although there is a lot out there on the world wide web, at times it can be rather tedious sorting the crap from the quality. A few months ago saw the launch of a new visual bookingmarking application, Designspiration – the answer to your Design Inspiration needs. The site provides a diverse selection of user-submitted images as a means of sharing inspiration. Since it launched, its had a hot response from the creative industry already being coined the new Ffffound with added simplicity, a refined design, ease of use and minus the soft porn! Of course there have been mixed reviews (even in our office) but personally, it has become apart of my morning ritual to have a quick peak to see what bits and bobs have been shared and on occasion share my own.

Shelby White, a designer focused on web and print design and a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle found there was a real niche in the creative industry. After Shelby spoke with fellow design students it became obvious that many didn’t not know where to look for inspiration, most had not heard of ffffound and rarely visited Behance and similar sites, many were left trawling through the likes of google images: not cool. Shelby had limited knowledge of programming before starting the project, however, you would never know. The site offers a plethora of features; live type search, colour search, keyboard navigation, trends, tags, differing layout views, and sorted inspiration (everyone, popular, featured and random) and more recently added a following system much like twitter. It comes as no surprise that the most important aspect of the site is usability. Job Well Done I say! To get the greatest use out of the site however, you have to be invited. Luckily myself and Alex managed to get our hands on a much sought-after invite. So rather than just browsing through the varied inspiration we have the ability to build ourselves a library of visual stimuli and add our own inspirations.

By no means am I saying this is the only place to go when in need of an inspiration hit. The WWW and Designspiration should be one of the many places we seek it. We can’t forget books, magazines and a leisurely stroll down to the pub for a pint. That said, if you haven’t already, direct yourself to Designspiration. Don’t forget to check out Alex and my pages to see what is currently inspiring us.

Designspiration Colour Search

Designspiration Live Type Search

Jess's Designspiration Page

Jessica Published by Jessica 11th April 2011
  • Jessica Howard

    When experiencing a creative block, one of the first things we do nowadays is trawl the web…