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Dish of the Day

17th March 2010

For St Patrick’s Day, Nathan Yau (a designer and writer for has used information design to illustrate the making of a traditional Irish corned beef and cabbage recipe. It’s quite an interesting approach, there are no images of the finished dish, nor any raw ingredients, so you will need to use your imagination for what the end result will look like (unless you have previously made or tasted it).

he list of ingredients are graphically represented through circles, sized proportionally and in relation to each other. These have then been combined with the recipe method to form three easy steps. Obviously the lack of any visual stimulation does not make the dish seem very appetising, but there is a certain charm to the breakdown of the recipe that makes me want to cook it – even though I don’t even eat red meat!

For more information visit FlowingData

Louise Published by Louise 17th March 2010
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