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31st July 2012

When the torch relay came to Kew my daughters were there. As Samsung and Lloyds representatives handed out flags, clappers and ribbons the girls waved and bashed their handouts in sheer joy of the torch soon to arrive.Then the Coca-Cola truck came by – reminding them of the drink only allowed as a treat now and again! So what do people really think of this sponsorship?

Well in a Brand Republic article recently onlookers were interviewed to see what they thought of the brand activity. One said “The sponsors are doing a great job of motivating everybody.” Most of those asked agreed that the brands’ presence was a welcome energy boost to signal the torch was approaching. Peter Grant, a resident of Crystal Palace out walking his dog during the events, said: “I liked the free bottle of Coca-Cola and Samsung clappers, they’re fun and everyone quite enjoys that. “I don’t think they are controversial brands that people have too many problems with.”

A great show of smart sponsorship. Know your target audience, know what you want them to go away thinking and feeling about your brand and stick to that mission. The torch was carried through high streets, residential areas and parks by an army of selected individuals who made significant contributions to their communities and country. Onlookers waiting to see the torch were first met with the three sponsors’ branded buses which aimed to get the crowd pumped up and ready to cheer on the approaching runner. This was not brand awareness, the reason most companies think they should sponsor. This was engagement. An audience engaged with the event engaged with you as a brand helping them enjoy that special moment.

My kids certainly did and are still deafening us with those Samsung clappers!

Jayne Published by Jayne 31st July 2012