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24th November 2010

These funny little icons certainly aren’t new, but they are appearing more and more in our lives. On billboards to cereal packets, these QR Codes as they are known, are a digital link to information. Install an app on your camera phone, and it will automatically take you to a URL, write a piece of text or a phone number.

Take a look around and you may be surprised at how many are already out there. Download the app now to join in. Mac users click here to grab a free one from the iTunes store, or BlackBerry and Android users follow the instructions here.

The holy grail is to ‘brand’ these icons. The BBC has attempted this, but they only read through a reliance on ‘error correcting’ as the centre dots it seems aren’t critical to the code working.

In the meantime – try the rather complex looking Interstate QR Code on this blog to see where it takes you…

Iain Published by Iain 24th November 2010