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Florentine Street Art

31st March 2011

On a recent visit to Florence I was charmed by some cheeky little signage additions that can be found around the city centre and around the Piazzale Michelangelo. They are the work of Clet Abraham, a French artist living in Florence. His works are often quirky, light-hearted and sometimes religious in nature.

A newspaper article I read whilst there described his work as ‘Sensitive street art’ because it respects the antiquity of the architecture by only attacking the new surfaces supplied by modern society (road signs mostly, but also a rather stark modern bridge). A local official asked whether he would consider retaining the charming pieces replied that he couldn’t say he didn’t like Clet’s work, but that it was, for him, a principle of the act of street art that it was temporary and always at risk of being removed. Florence street sign art by Clet | TuscanyArts

Iain captured the same sign addition in Valencia recently.

Brian Published by Brian 31st March 2011
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