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From Monaco to Bedford Row

10th February 2012

Congratulations to leading Formula One photographer Darren Heath and the Collyer Bristow Motorsports team for hosting a super private view last night at their Bedford Row office gallery space. The exhibition, which runs until 16th February displays Darren’s own selection of his best work from the 2011 F1 season. The stunning A2 and A0 images really convey the colour, energy, excitement and glamour of the sport and are clearly shot by a ‘snapper’ who simply loves going racing. Darren has always managed to capture the unique character and atmosphere of an event from the often extreme weather conditions of Spa and Silverstone, to the wonderful natural light of the arabic and asian races and he is constantly discovering new and unusual vantage points. There was much discussion about the very cool Monaco harbour ’tilt shift’ shot – (just what is it that makes it look like a flotilla of toys) to the crazy image of double World Champion Sebastian Vettel racing beneath the busy twin fly-overs in Singapore.

If you’ve never had reason to walk into a solicitors practice, you do now.

Darren Heath explains to – veteran McLaren soldier – Tyler Alexander.

Nigel Published by Nigel 10th February 2012
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