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Gold at any price..?

14th August 2012

Following on from my post Pressure London 2012: The Importance of Sports Psychology the journalist Matthew Syed has looked into what happens when you have reached your goal, you have won the gold…what is next in the mind of the athlete.

I could listen to Michael Johnson all day anyway but I particularly liked his comments – That there is a feeling that you can never have any problems in life after winning a gold but it does not work that way. He has come to know that when he thinks about his achievements he can smile, and it is a good feeling, but does it mean that everything in his life is perfect? Absolutely not.

So it looks like its the vision and then the journey to get there that is most important. Then, when you reach that goal, you find another. It might not be gold but having something to strive for in life is important in making us who we are, setting your own goals achieving them then finding new ones keeps us going. Always remembering those achievements is important and having a good understanding that what ever life may throw at you, those achievements never go away.

See: Olympics 2012: The highs and lows of winning gold


Jayne Published by Jayne 14th August 2012