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Hats or artwork

21st August 2013

A while ago I was at the Tate gallery in Liverpool and I came across a collection of hat molds by Philip Treacy. Philip Treacy is a famous hat designer who designs hats for the likes of: Lady Ga Ga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Middeton and Princess Beatrice. His hats are very artistic and I often wonder if his hats are art, hats, or maybe both! I was reminded of this when I was in John Lewis and came across some odd hats, But none like Treacy’s.

A famous wearer of Treacy’s hats is Lady Ga Ga, who wears very bold outfits combind with very bold hats! Some of her most famous hats are desgined by Philip Treacy, such as:

Thunder and lightning hat
Lobster hat
Telephone hat

These are just a few but Treacy has designed some very artistic and beautiful hats as well as some graphic hats. One of my favourites is the ‘hand hat’ It’s very elegent and artistic. You can’t see how you put on the hat so it creates the affect of the hat hovering on the head.

Some for Tracey’s designs are so artistic they may be looked at as art, not a hat. Some people may think that his hats are both, what do you think?

carly Published by carly 21st August 2013
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