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Inspire a generation

13th August 2012

I’ve been watching the build up to the Olympics for a while and indeed have seen this banner in my hometown of Chiswick for weeks, each night on the 94 bus stop at Turnham Green Terrace. Today I walked past it before going home to see the closing ceremony and wanted to capture its sentiment.

For I have felt that these games had a brand mission for the youth of the country and from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony has stuck by that mission. They have used it to believe in the decisions made and allow for some of the most brave, bold and gloriously creative answers to the question of what might be the most appropriate way to tackle the worlds biggest event?

I will admit I did not like the brand identity and perhaps it is because I was not the main target audience. But I think the brand was spot on and the way they stuck to the brand message through all the channels very clever. There was a bit for everyone there too and to see Eric Idle, The Who and Queen at the closing ceremony made me miss my youth whilst feeling proud to be sitting listening to this with my children.

Wow what a whirlwind and I have to say…inspiring.

Jayne Published by Jayne 13th August 2012