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J’adore J’ai Mangé

17th December 2010

Last night saw the debut launch of Jamie Oliver’s new fragrance, ‘J’ai Mangé‘ on his Christmas tv show ‘Jamie’s Christmas Lock-In‘. As Interstate branded the ‘spoof’ scent, Louise and I were invited back stage to the filming of the programme to see Jamie in action winding up his celebrity guests. It was great seeing everyones reaction to Jamie plugging ‘Jai Mangé – for man, woman and salad’ knowing full well that we were part of a select few that knew he was just having a laugh.

We had such a great time getting stuck in clapping and cheering on cue, and we even managed to get ourselves on tv! (Incase you missed us, I’ve pointed us out ‘Where’s Wally?’ style. Screen grabs courtesy of Channel 4).

Watching Jamie and his guests create the programme was brilliant; we sampled the winning spitroast turkey in a traditional Christmas sandwich; sang along to ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’ with Charlotte Church and were in constant bursts of laughter at the dance moves that Louie Spence was pulling!

We bumped into some of our clients too, Adam Perry Lang was assisting Jamie with the great turkey experiment, David Loftus was there at every angle capturing the festivities on camera, and I’m sure Bella Crane from Bella Bellissima was feeling the competition in the parfum department!

For more information about our involvement with the ‘Jai Mangé’ project click here, and visit our website for all the other Jamie Oliver projects that we’ve been involved in. Check out our cheeky ‘behind the scenes’ pics below…

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    Geeting a bit chubby, old Jamie.