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Jamie Oliver, Client of the Year

17th February 2010

Recent addition to the Interstate client list, Jamie Oliver has just been awarded the ultimate accolade of Client of the Year at this years Design Week Benchmark. Alongside this, Jamie’s culinary empire also bagged individual awards in both the Household Goods and the Retailers category as well as being runner-up in Best of Show, the judges deeming his most recent projects ‘beautifully crafted, interesting and strong’.

Having worked with the supremely charismatic Jamie (introduced by our good friend, photographer, David Loftus) and his dedicated team now for 6 months, we are very excited about the release of our own collaboration with him (currently still under wraps!) next year. And we are not at all surprised about the growing pile of awards his brand is collecting. His deep insight and understanding of the Jamie Oliver brand and his continued close attention to detail, are refreshing in a world where the new brand ‘cool’ seems to have become so nebulous and intangible. As an industry, we tend to spend a great deal of time explaining to people outside the industry why design is so important and how a strong brand can positively affect your business in many ways. People seem to be unaware of the massive impact of the subconsciously strong brand and this has made working with Jamie such a breath of fresh air.

His diligence and his obvious love for what he does really shines through on a day to day basis and we are thrilled to be part of this new project which will also showcase our love for what we do. There’s a lot of love in the room…
Nice one, xlx

Lucy Published by Lucy 17th February 2010