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Living The Good Life

15th August 2011

Australian celebrity chef Adrian Richardson of La Luna Bistro in Melbourne, has teamed with publishers Pan Macmillan and design agency A Friend of Mine to create a cookbook with a difference. ‘The Good Life‘ commemorates homegrown and homemade food, with chapters structured around seasonal produce, and masterclasses on how to make your own pasta, cure your own fish, and even make your own cheese amongst others.

But what is most impressive is how its visual styling successfully captures this notion. To judge this book by its cover, Australian cooking doesn’t first spring to mind as the design oozes comfort food/baking/pies and pastries/winter/warmth etc, rather than BBQ’s in the sunshine and refreshing light bites. This is where the design concept really comes to life and makes this book feel very different. The idea of the homemade flows throughout each page: the typography of the chapter titles is hand drawn with some even dusted in flour or baked in pastry (very Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills!), the photography styling is kept to a minimum and feels fresh and natural, and even the tablecloth pattern on the front cover is used as the bookmark ribbon. It’s this level of detail that creates a sense of authenticity between the subject matter, the typography and the image. Yum!

Watch the promotional video here.

Louise Published by Louise 15th August 2011