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London West Bank

12th May 2011

During my working day I tend to try and make the most of my lunch hour by having a short stroll to stretch my legs and embrace the ever changing British weather. Normally I’ll head down to Portabello Rd for a browse or to the nearest shop to get a snack. But today, Chrissie and myself headed out with no real destination, just a desire to get some fresh air and indulge in some light hearted banter. We took a regular route not too far from the studio along Westbourne Grove. Today something caught our attention, we had stumbled across a graffiti and fine art exhibition hosted within London West Bank gallery. Instantly within the door I recognized a piece by fellow Devonian Mau-Mau. This was more than enough to draw me in further.

I had been in this beautiful building before, several months ago. Its a beautiful old red brick building, 10,000 sq ft in size that back in its day was used as a bank. It has been the site of a number of galleries in the past, and now is known as London West Bank. I later found out that the exhibition was for the launch of the gallery which opened on the 28th of April. The exhibition was host to a number of artists including Inkie, K-Guy, Liliwenn and David Walker to name a few.

The exhibition is split across two floors and is filled with vibrant, exciting and thought provoking work. It is open until Saturday 28th of May, open daily between 11am and 7pm. If you happen to be in the Notting Hill / Westborne Grove area, I highly recommend you pop in for a browse.

You can read more about this exhibition here.

Alex Published by Alex 12th May 2011
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  • Genghisfarn

                 Loved reading about how you stumbled upon the “Bank Job” exhibition and very much enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    I thought I’d invite you to the private view of a graffiti art show we are holding at The West Bank Gallery on the 11th of Aug.

    Contact me on Twitter if your intrested @Genghisfarn:twitter 

    Or check the event page