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Mirror, Mirror, in the park…

12th October 2010

Next time you’re passing by the studio, take a stroll down the road to Kensington Gardens and take in the Anish Kapoor installations (Turning The World Upside Down). Beautifully polished surfaces reflecting a dramatic Autumn sky.

These truly are things to behold (especially in the morning before the crowds arrive), but points deducted from one of the pieces where it’s under 24 hour guard and you can’t get the full effect whereby your reflection is the right way up but the world behind you is inverted. The people of London are too grubby or prone to vandalism to fully appreciate high-art.

The exhibition runs from 28 September 2010 – 13 March 2011. Anish Kapoor image by Dominic Lipinski/PA.
Installations location map here

Iain Published by Iain 12th October 2010