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Mix your media

5th November 2010

The current Aviva ‘Big Picture’ global campaign is well underway and has received plenty of coverage. For me, it’s not how it looks (real customers placed in large formats on large buildings around the world) but rather the delightful use of media in the main entrance in Victoria station.

The first thing you notice is the warmth of the yellow spilling out into the concourse and once inside the corridor the whole wall space is wrapped in bright yellow with huge faces staring at you. However, the fact that the images run over several pre-installed ad spots such as LCD monitors and mini-boards make the use of media a beautiful thing to behold. The end result is by no means slick and disguised; but this is no mistake – it was always going to happen. The confidence of back-lit yellow ‘blank posters’ sitting next to dingy lit printed yellow; bright moving images on screens sit next to the dirty exterior walls and the overall sunny feel of the campaign contrasts perfectly with wind-swept and sulky commuters waiting for their delayed trains.

On it’s first day in-situ, once on board the train, the Evening Standard  newspaper ran lots of adverts from cover to every other page to fully explain what we had all just seen. Great campaign.

Iain Published by Iain 5th November 2010