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Movember update

1st December 2011

Well, it is now the 1st of December and Movember has flown by!

We at Interstate were keen to get stuck in, grow some cracking mo’s and raise as much as we could for Movember. The 1st of November brought some unfamiliar faces into the studio with people, including myself, shaving off beards, mutton chops and a whole host of other styles, in preparation for a month of mo growing from scratch.

The cold November mornings brought an unfamiliar chill to my face as I had been sporting a ‘tidy beard’ (as Jim called it) for a good year or so now, and my clean shaven face was reminisant of a 15 year old version of myself, but it was all in the name of charity so I wasn’t going to complain.

We all signed up to Movember individually, and formed like Voltron to create our Interstate team, headed up by myself, to which we instantly starting pestering family and friends, posting blogs and tweets, and generally spreading the word in hope of bringing in donations to get the ball rolling, and boy did we get the ball rolling!

As the month passed, there was plenty of excitement at each donation that came in, some friendly competitive attitudes to the mo growing and money raising, and a bit of friendly banter aimed at those not so fortunate in the mo growing department (myself included). Certain members blossomed, growing mo’s even Tom Selleck would be proud of!

Now the month is over, there is a sigh of relief as the growing ends and the heavy weight of a mo on the top lip is removed. It’s been a very entertaining month, and we at interstate are proud to announce that we managed to raise a whopping £645!

To everyone who was kind enough to donate, thank you very much! We are very grateful for every penny that was donated to our efforts, it’s great to know we had the support of our family and friends.

As a reward for your kind efforts, here is a shot of the Interstate chaps taken just a few days ago. What a stunning bunch…!

I believe that if you were unable to donate during November, but are keen to, you still can! Here is the link again to our Interstate team page.



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