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Not a Bad Job For a 70 Year Old

18th March 2011

Whilst working on a recent project, my journey of print and production enlightenment took me to Baddeley Brothers in East London for a lesson in the fine art of printing techniques and finishing.

Baddeley Brothers was founded in 1859, whilst the family name has permeated throughout London’s history of printing and craftmanship since the 17th century. They have carried on the fine tradition of print techniques such as die stamping, foil blocking, blind embossing and letterpress plying their art into the 21st century.

In todays world of the behemoth ten colour Heidelberg and its four/five man production team, it was a breath of fresh air to walk into Baddeleys and witness the job being created in front of me. After deciding on the correct mix for the die stamping ink I was taken on a tour to show me the final process. A clean and clinical finish was being produced a machine over 70 years old and one that will probably still be going in another 70 years.

It is a fantastic way to get an extra dimension into your print work with a number of techniques at your disposal and is an inspiring experience watching these artisans at work.

Louis Published by Louis 18th March 2011