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Paralympic Countdown

20th August 2012

With only a week and a half until the London 2012 Paralympics kick off, the capital is currently under going a massive operation ready itself for the biggest Paralympics in history.

With the success of the the Olympic games, the worlds eyes are really on the Paralympics. For the first time in their 52 year history all events are completely sold out. Britain better be looking good for the 4,200 athletes and millions of event attendees and viewers watching from around the world. Thousands of flags and banners in dozens of venues will be changed, hundreds of buses will be converted, new volunteer recruits will be put through their paces, and the world’s media will be back in the capital and the country.

The Paralympic symbol, which was first reviled at the 2004 Athens Paralympics, consists of three agitos, coloured red, blue and green, the three colours that are most widely represented in national flags around the world. This symbol of ‘Spirit in Motion is set to be as familiar around the country as the olympic rings.

On Wednesday 22 August, with just one week to go to the Games, four flames will be lit at the tops of the highest peaks of the four UK countries. Then on the 28th August, the torches will then be taken on a 24 hour relay and all meet at the Paralympic spiritual home, Stoke Mandeville.

So keep your eyes open around London and other locations in Britain for all the changes. Cardiff have already unveiled a giant Paralympic Agitos outside the city hall and Tower bridge should be exchanging the Olympic rings for the Agitos any day now.


Christina Published by Christina 20th August 2012