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17th August 2011

In early 2011 one football club in London raised a large silver trophy into the air and 18,000 fans roared their approval. The club was a small club by today’s standards and the home crowd would barely fill a quarter of the seats in a stadium such as the Camp Nou in Barcelona. Even up the road at Stamford Bridge you’ll find a larger crowd. But this club had something no other London team had: genuine team spirit and a belief in what could be.

QPR’s first match in the Premier League could not have gone worse. As the fans emptied the stadium on Saturday belief seemed far from many minds.  However, on that walk back to White City soon there was talk of overcoming adversity, it will be better next time, good things are yet to come. A genuine team spirit and a willpower to believe.

QPR has always survived by pulling together more, by locking together and trying harder. And all those things are still true.

Jayne Published by Jayne 17th August 2011
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