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Roger That!

29th March 2011

Shoreditch on a Saturday afternoon,  Alex and I venture down to London’s Kemistry Gallery to view the ‘Roger That!’ exhibition which was showcasing a new graphic interpretation of the phonetic spelling alphabet. Developed in the early 1930’s, the phonetic alphabet was created to ensure the clarity of communication in the new aviation world.

All 26 letters from Alpha to Zulu are brought together in two special Pantone colours by three design studios based in London. United by their skills in typography and bringing their international heritage in lettering design and research to bear, Inventory Studio, ESW/P and Julia present a witty and imaginative visualization of the phonetic spelling alphabet. Each print in the exhibition exposes the often absurd and sometimes poetic connections between letter and code.

Images above courtesy of Kemistry Gallery

All the posters are displayed around the gallery ordered by a fun story using all of the letters in the colourful alphabet. I really enjoyed my journey through this exciting interpretation of the alphabet and urge you to pop in to the Kemistry Gallery if you are in the area.

The exhibition will be running from 24 March through to 16 April.

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