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Shooting cars

31st August 2011

Recently we were commissioned by Lotus to design and produce brochures for their existing range of British-Made sports cars.

The brief required the planning and execution of a 5 day shoot in and around London and Lotus’ world famous test track in Hethel, as well as the design of both the Elise and Evora brochures – which would in turn directly influence the style and composition of the photography.

With a tight deadline requiring the finished brochures at the 2011 Frankfurt Motorshow in October, the past 8 weeks have been filled with excitement, hard work, commitment and, hopefully, elation.

UPDATE: Take a look at the finished pieces in our Case Study.

Confidence in the field

Chasing the light on an evening shoot

Checking the proofs

On press

On the road

Evening shot in Goodwood





Brian Published by Brian 31st August 2011
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    I have to have that car!