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20th April 2012

Our esteemed Creative Director Nigel Gray is definitely of the old school. Put more fairly he’s uncomfortable with technology. He’s not the only one of course, it takes a particular kind of person to actually enjoy working with computers and that delight doesn’t always exist in the creative brain. So how does the classically trained Creative Director work with the modern studio? The answer is seemingly so simple, you get him a brush. Well, not just any brush, a beautifully styled Nomad capacitive brush for the iPad. Combined with a clever paint app he’s able to sketch on the go and email his sketches direct to the studio. No paper sketchbooks, scanning, file storage and retrieval, just emailed direct from the app.

Here are a few sketches Nigel has created (and emailed back) from this weekends Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Bahrain hotel

La Fontaine - restaurant gallery

Bernie Ecclestone mobbed by the media

A green and lush paddock

Photographers in the paddock waiting for some action

Sir Jackie Stewart holds court

Bored Media Centre security

VIP Guest

Peter Wahl from Tilke

The BBC crew

The Sky crew

Tense Saturday qualifying for Jenson's dad

Bread chef

Welcome party bbq chefs, great kofti kebabs

Watching the race

The amazing monotones of the Mercedes garage, perfect for my limited palette.

The FIA check the cars late in to the night - no chance of any secrets being captured with this detail

The garages are dismantled and cargo containers packed in the pit lane

Brian Published by Brian 20th April 2012
  • Nasser B

    Just Brilliant :-)