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Opportunist Advertising Thu, 02 Aug 2012 14:02:56 +0000 LOCOG make epic flag fail. Specsavers take advantage of sensitive topic. Hilarity ensues.

Some of you may not have heard about the LOCOG Korean flag mix up?

So, before the women’s football match between North Korea and Columbia, the players were introduced on a large screen, showing a picture of each player, and the flag of their country. While introducing one North Korean player, LOCOG managed to display the flag of South Korea. Now, this is a pretty big blunder anyway, but considering the history between these two countries, North Korea took it quite seriously, refusing to play, and the game being delayed by almost an hour.

Specsavers saw this as the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun, and went ahead with running this brilliant print ad in newspapers shortly after. A great response to a relatively sensitive subject.

Images found here and here.

Cover image found here.

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Find Your Greatness Thu, 02 Aug 2012 11:56:48 +0000 Wieden & Kennedy have created a campaign for Nike+ entitled 'Find Your Greatness' which encourages you to get out there and be active.

Wieden & Kennedy have created a campaign for Nike+ entitled ‘Find Your Greatness’ which encourages you to get out there and be active. As well as producing a campaign website, they have produced a number of videos to promote the campaign further.

What’s great about this campaign is that although the Olympics are in London, UK, it shouldn’t just be that specific London that pushes itself, and it shouldn’t just be the Olympic athletes achieving greatness, so the video was filmed in a number of different London’s across the world, showing many different people, different levels of athleticism, achieving their own personal greatness.

Also, it’s narrated by Tom Hardy, who is just awesome.

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