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Hollywood Costume is the Victoria and Albert Museum’s blockbuster of the year. So much hype to promote this exhibition featuring more than 100 costumes from iconic films.

Movies are about people. They are at the emotional core of every film and it is their story that moves us. A film’s characters hold our attention and are of endless fascination to the audience. Hollywood Costume is about the costume designer’s role in bringing these people to life – from script to screen.

All the years of avidly watching films seemed to have all been building up to this amazing cinematic experience. I was in complete awe of not only all the costumes, but the whole production of the event. Stepping into the exhibition brought the excitement that I feel when sitting down to a guaranteed classic film. Atmospheric music, along with archive files, making-of and behind the scene videos and beautiful and inventive typography used throughout.

Check this epic exhibition out for yourself at the V&A, but hurry because the tickets are sell fast!! (Exhibition runs – 20th October 2012 – 27th January 2013).

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Travel Photographer of the Year Thu, 16 Aug 2012 15:27:49 +0000 Whilst researching at the Royal Geographic Society yesterday I was lucky enough to see the Travel Photographer of the Year competition exhibition displayed in the Pavilion (both inside and outside).

The exhibition includes a showcase of work by the overall winner of the 2011 award, American photographer Louis Montrose. Also on display were images shot earlier this year, by the 2007 winner Cat Vinton, of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Stuart Dunn’s shows some beautiful shots from his travels to India, documenting the work of the Elephant Family charity, as part of his prize from 2010’s TPOTY awards. There is also a display about the history of travel photography, featuring images from the Royal Geographical Society’s archive.

From the extreme humidity of the rain forests of South America and the Far East, to the freezing and inhospitable arctic regions of northern Canada and Russia – the competition attracts stunning image entries from across the world.

Check out the audio slide show containing a selection of images from the exhibition on the BBC News website. The exhibition is open till the 2nd September and is free.

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Fit at Central Saint Martin Tue, 03 Jul 2012 16:20:41 +0000 Inspired Posters by Contemporary British-based Graphic Designers at Central Saint Martin.

Thanks to the invite of Central Saint Martin’s press office, Jo Ortmans, we had first sight of the new stunning campus in Kings Cross and access to the private view of Fit 2012 – Inspired Posters by Contemporary British-based Graphic Designers.

The show includes work by:

Ian Anderson, Phil Baines, Jonathan Barnbrook, Bibliotheque, Neville Brody, Catherine Dixon, Fuel, Graphic Thought Facility, Angus Hyland, Alan Kitching, Jeremy Leslie, Domenic Lippa, Morag Myerscough, Vaughan Oliver, David Pearson, Michael C Place, Jake Tilson, Tomato, Why Not Associates, Matt Willey, Marina Willer, Graham Wood and Michael Worthington

And will run in the following spaces:
Lethaby Gallery, King’s Cross: 3 July — 9 July
Window galleries, King’s Cross: 29 June — 30 August

For more information see Central Saint Martin’s website

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Art & Wheels Fri, 22 Jun 2012 14:34:30 +0000 Our favourite subjects, great works by D.S.C. aka DeathSprayCustom.

See more at:

DSC website | DSC works

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Roger That! Tue, 29 Mar 2011 02:30:40 +0000 Shoreditch on a Saturday afternoon,  Alex and I venture down to London’s Kemistry Gallery to view the ‘Roger That!’ exhibition which was showcasing a new graphic interpretation of the phonetic spelling alphabet. Developed in the early 1930’s, the phonetic alphabet was created to ensure the clarity of communication in the new aviation world.

All 26 letters from Alpha to Zulu are brought together in two special Pantone colours by three design studios based in London. United by their skills in typography and bringing their international heritage in lettering design and research to bear, Inventory Studio, ESW/P and Julia present a witty and imaginative visualization of the phonetic spelling alphabet. Each print in the exhibition exposes the often absurd and sometimes poetic connections between letter and code.

Images above courtesy of Kemistry Gallery

All the posters are displayed around the gallery ordered by a fun story using all of the letters in the colourful alphabet. I really enjoyed my journey through this exciting interpretation of the alphabet and urge you to pop in to the Kemistry Gallery if you are in the area.

The exhibition will be running from 24 March through to 16 April.

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Fragments of Time Mon, 12 Apr 2010 09:30:09 +0000 Exquisite Clock Presentation from Joao Wilbert on Vimeo.

A few weeks back when reviewing the 10 key museum trends of the year, I commented on the changing role of the audiences and their growing power to set the agenda, influence and contribute to contemporary art displays. An interesting take on this theme was until recently on display in V&A’s exhibition ‘Decode’. In collaboration with Fabrica, V&A presented the Exquisite Clock. Based on the idea that time is everywhere and that people can share their vision of it, Exquisite Clock blurs the boundaries between artist and author, producer and consumer. The clock is an ongoing collection of found stuff and time fragments of everyday life. Pictures of found numbers are collected in a database and displayed real-time via the exhibition microsite. The clock can also be downloaded as an iPhone application and a screen saver.

It is all about creativity, collaboration and global exchange. Go create time by uploading your own numbers to the exhibition microsite.
See also:

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