Saturday 15th March 2014

A Year Long Snapshots Around The World

5th January 2012 A Year Long Snapshots Around The World

Mobile travel guide provider Triposo has recently created “A Year Long Snapshots around the World“, a short film that reveals the exact locations in the world where pictures were taken, and that for each day of the year. The beautiful film shows a world map in which pixels light up according to the amount of […]

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Funky Monkey

19th October 2010 Funky Monkey

Image from the Telegraph’s Picture of the day

Amazing what brands can do to help the consumer. Paul Frank have just launched a great initiative Julius branded bike saddle covers. Julius himself has been sighted kindly keeping Londoners bums dry! A promotion with a fun and helpful twist for the Barbican ‘Bicycle Film Festival’, that showcased new shorts, features and archive treats about everything bike.

Some cheeky and funky stuff from a naughty monkey that has some stories to tell. He’s been around for a while but we think he is conspiring to have more fun in the UK soon.

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Capturing It!

5th July 2010 Capturing It!

On more than one occasion recently I have noticed some quite prominent exposure of the font we used for the Play F.C. branding project. I suspect this is just coincidence and down to the fact that since using it I have become visually aware of its characteristics. Interestingly though, albeit for one example, the context in which it is used is far removed from the motive behind using it for Play F.C.

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Last Day Dream

28th January 2010

For my first ever blog post, I’m taking you back four years to a film called “Stranger Than Fiction”. I’ve always loved the title sequence, and combining an appreciation of information design with a passion for all things OCD-related, it’s a match made in heaven! If you’re anything like me, and you haven’t seen it yet, check it out – you won’t be disappointed… 


Where the Wild Things Are

18th December 2009 Where the Wild Things Are

From Beastie Boys to Boys with Beasts. Director Spike Jonze has used his surrealist visionary skills to create the motion picture based on the childrens bedtime favourite ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Taking direct inspiration from the author Maurice Sendak’s illustrations, Jonze has created a Lo-Fi fairytale spectacle that has been lauded by adults and children alike since its release. It shows how an audience doesn’t always need to be wowed by bank breaking CGI effects when the original narrative is so strong.
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