Saturday 15th March 2014

A ‘Knicked’ Logo

23rd December 2009 A ‘Knicked’ Logo

I recently saw some original New York City subway tokens from 1953 and thought to myself “that design looks familiar”. It is in fact the inspiration behind the New York Knicks basketball team’s ‘NYK’ alternate logo.

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Notting Hill 2997 Miles

18th December 2009 Notting Hill 2997 Miles

Nigel and I recently attended an Arabic typography workshop at the TDC (Type Directors Club) in New York. Also in attendance was James Montalbano, a New York based typographer who designed the Clearview Highway font used on road signs throughout the US. It was great to meet James and hear his views on typography, as well as his advice on using Fontlab Studio.


The Story Behind the Yankees’ Logo

6th December 2009 The Story Behind the Yankees’ Logo

In today’s multi-billion dollar world of sports branding the story behind possibly its most recognizable insignia is somewhat a refreshing one. The inter-locking ‘NY’ initials are known around the globe as the famous emblem of the New York Yankees , an emblem on which they have built the true giant of international sports franchises.

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Metrocard Art

4th November 2009 Metrocard Art

I was intrigued by Anthropologie’s window display as I walked down West Broadway last week. They have painted a New York Subway map on the window through which is viewed a suspended cut-out Manhattan island made of expired Metrocards.

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Arabic Typography in New York

30th October 2009 Arabic Typography in New York

Nigel and myself attended the Arabic Typography workshop at the TDC (Type Directors Club) in New York last weekend. The event was hosted by Nadine Chahine, Linotype’s branding manager and Arabic Type expert.

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