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A few weeks back when reviewing the 10 key museum trends of the year, I commented on the changing role of the audiences and their growing power to set the agenda, influence and contribute to contemporary art displays. An interesting take on this theme was until recently on display in V&A’s exhibition ‘Decode’. In collaboration with Fabrica, V&A presented the Exquisite Clock. Based on the idea that time is everywhere and that people can share their vision of it, Exquisite Clock blurs the boundaries between artist and author, producer and consumer. The clock is an ongoing collection of found stuff and time fragments of everyday life. Pictures of found numbers are collected in a database and displayed real-time via the exhibition microsite. The clock can also be downloaded as an iPhone application and a screen saver.

It is all about creativity, collaboration and global exchange. Go create time by uploading your own numbers to the exhibition microsite.
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