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18th May 2012

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In this business we often see numerous examples of poor branding so when something comes along, so spectacularly simple and on brand its enough to knock you off your bike, (Wandsworth roundabout is difficult at the best of times.) So congratulations to Fred & Farid for their Mont Blanc Men’s ‘Legend’ fragrance print campaign.

The combination of photographer Peter Lindbergh, Select model Simon Clark, and the coolest of styling has created a simple evocative brand image full of wooden skies and leather bindings, the canvas rucksacks of George Mallory, Shackleton’s polar camp, your first trip to Chamonix, The Heroes of Telemark, the chatter of Goldcrests in the firs, the crunch of snow, your favourite ski instructor, the latest set of carbon K2s and the creak of your orange Strolz boots and of course the delicate glide of a precision writing instrument all in one portrait shot.

But what a portrait, that glint in his eye seems to say, “do you know just how many chalet maids have sniffed my turtle neck”, when actually if you watch the ‘making of a Legend you realise its actually a squint from the 2000watt tungstens blasting his face.

If this is what fountain pen ink smells like, I’m having some!

Nigel Published by Nigel 18th May 2012
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