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The importance of seeing things differently

24th August 2010

It is our job to see things.
Firstly we have to see by learning and absorbing what a client represents and offers. Secondly, we must translate this into something tangible for the end-user to see, to understand, to associate with. But, this creative ’seeing’ process has two quite different facets.

We must see in ‘black and white’; to become part of our client’s business and be able to challenge and extract the right kind of information to take their business forward. That is by assuming nothing and questioning everything.
We must also see in ‘colour’; whereby from our learnings we create a visual response to the challenge set. A concept, a new brand.

Seeing differently (clockwise from top left); A race circuit in an Arabic pattern, the soundwave of a spoken brand name, a G, a T and a 1 in a single device, values and associations gravitating around a client's name. All created by Interstate.

And the reason for the main image? I was in the park and Adam (pictured) kept asking if he could play on the dinosaurs. It took a while to realise what he had seen was the shape of a dinosaur in the profile of the park bench. Perhaps a future graphic designer in the making.

Keep looking at things beyond face value; there’s so much to see…

Iain Published by Iain 24th August 2010
  • Bruce Soffer

    Life is a visual treat. Relax, look, clear your mind , make connections and associations to really see.