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The Olympic flame

7th August 2012

The original site of the Olympic games in Greece was also home to a spectacular Doric temple devoted to the God Zeus. The games were created to celebrate Zeus, and the Olympic flame that burns throughout the games represents the fire that Prometheus stole from him, an unintended gift to man.

Today the Olympics is an international affair, and a far cry from the relatively simple games of ancient Greece. Gods are no longer celebrated in the games and the focus has moved to peaceful and friendly competition between all the peoples of the world. Therefore it is rightly fitting that those people are celebrated in their own right.

Thomas Heatherwick and the designers of the Heatherwick Studios produced a flame ‘cauldron’, it’s whole built by hand during the opening ceremony by representatives of each nation who each brought their own unique piece of the sculpture into the games with them and placed them into a circular structure that, when lit, rose into a tower of flame. A stunning display built by the people to celebrate the people.

When the games conclude the tower will open again and each nation will carry away their part of the Olympic cauldron. Designed to last only as long as the games itself, like a flower it bursts, we enjoy it’s beauty and then it fades and passes until the next season. A truly beautiful and spectacular celebration of the four yearly coming together of all the worlds people in the spirit of competition.

Brian Published by Brian 7th August 2012
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