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This one goes up to 11…

21st January 2011

Sometimes it’s hard to deny that the universe is attempting to contact us. And since the start of the DesignWeek football season back in December, I’ve been getting this nagging feeling that won’t go away. The Interstate football team’s first outing saw them starting on the back foot. Up against the Man Utd of the design world, Winkreative, our boys were a man down and unprepared for the battering they were about to receive. 30 mins and 11 conceded goals later, captain Nigel dragged his wounded troops off the pitch with a heavy heart and an even heavier league position to pick up.

The following week saw a complete turnaround for the Interstateteam. Firing on all cylinders and up against the cockily-named Up-Starts of international Start Creative, this time the 11 goals went in the correct end and marked our first victory. But last week, the tables turned once again. Without the support of their gaffer, the In-a-state boys floundered one more time and conceded another 9 goals, themselves scoring 2.

So what is mother nature trying to tell us? Well, the appearance of the number 11 in all games so far (by the way I’m counting 9 + 2 as another occurrence!) is just downright weird and is sometimes taken as a “magical” message posing the question of equilibrium. Carrying the vibrational frequency of balance in it’s parallel numerals, number 11 has lofty connotations of higher ideals, congruency and fulfilment.

The balance of work and play or of masculine and feminine assets; I’m not entirely sure what we are supposed to glean from this other than maybe not all of the team are as manly as they appear? Or maybe it’s simply time for Nigel to switch up the formation to the trusty old 4-4-2 pattern or whatever equivalent works when you’re playing 6-a-side? But I don’t profess to know anything about the beautiful game; I just watched my second football match this week during which I woke myself up with the noise of my own snoring.

So maybe the balance will come through one bad game, one good, so on and so forth. Which means, spiritually speaking, I have high hopes for this coming week, when we face our arch-nemesis Winkreative again for a rematch to be reckoned with. Let’s hope the boys turn it all the way up to 11 this time and that nature is on our team.

Lucy Published by Lucy 21st January 2011
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