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To pop up or to Pop Upppppp

21st April 2011

The Pop up store is not a new concept. However the way in which you design and approach a pop up retail space is.

Watch the movie of Dunhill London’s pop up store placed last year in the Meatpacking district, New York. The  combination of well thought through design driven by the brand and well crafted detailing meticulously managed through its implementation were simply beautiful. A brand experience and attraction in one.

The brief to create a ‘momentary expression’ of the British brand in New York used the architects drawing of London’s Dunhill home using fret-cut aluminium sheets. Philip Handford designer says “It had an ethereal feel to it. It also worked very well. The store fulfilled its two goals. It gave visitors a feel for the brand. And it photographed fabulously, garnering more than $350,000 worth of media attention.”

The power of using the brand’s origin to answer the brief, after all the origin is the very essence of what started that business in the first place, combined with well crafted design created the success.

Images from The Cool Hunter.

Jayne Published by Jayne 21st April 2011
  • Men’s Style Cool Hunter

    Thats amazing, so Cool !!!!!  How did they make those walls?