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Travel Photographer of the Year

16th August 2012

Whilst researching at the Royal Geographic Society yesterday I was lucky enough to see the Travel Photographer of the Year competition exhibition displayed in the Pavilion (both inside and outside).

The exhibition includes a showcase of work by the overall winner of the 2011 award, American photographer Louis Montrose. Also on display were images shot earlier this year, by the 2007 winner Cat Vinton, of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Stuart Dunn’s shows some beautiful shots from his travels to India, documenting the work of the Elephant Family charity, as part of his prize from 2010’s TPOTY awards. There is also a display about the history of travel photography, featuring images from the Royal Geographical Society’s archive.

From the extreme humidity of the rain forests of South America and the Far East, to the freezing and inhospitable arctic regions of northern Canada and Russia – the competition attracts stunning image entries from across the world.

Check out the audio slide show containing a selection of images from the exhibition on the BBC News website. The exhibition is open till the 2nd September and is free.