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V&A – Hollywood Costume

17th December 2012

Hollywood Costume is the Victoria and Albert Museum’s blockbuster of the year. So much hype to promote this exhibition featuring more than 100 costumes from iconic films.

Movies are about people. They are at the emotional core of every film and it is their story that moves us. A film’s characters hold our attention and are of endless fascination to the audience. Hollywood Costume is about the costume designer’s role in bringing these people to life – from script to screen.

All the years of avidly watching films seemed to have all been building up to this amazing cinematic experience. I was in complete awe of not only all the costumes, but the whole production of the event. Stepping into the exhibition brought the excitement that I feel when sitting down to a guaranteed classic film. Atmospheric music, along with archive files, making-of and behind the scene videos and beautiful and inventive typography used throughout.

Check this epic exhibition out for yourself at the V&A, but hurry because the tickets are sell fast!! (Exhibition runs – 20th October 2012 – 27th January 2013).