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We are not amused

6th April 2011

With the Royal Wedding less than 4 weeks away, WillKat fever is hotting up. Excited about the publicity opportunity ahead of next years’ Olympic Games, VisitEngland chief executive James Berresford says: “The wedding […] will mean that once again the eyes of the world will be turned to our nation. We will have a wonderful opportunity to showcase all that is best about the country — its heritage and its history and what being English is all about.” So what does the British souvenir industry do? Create some of the the most tawdry memorabilia the world has ever seen. From replica engagement rings to nail art, with a comic book of the love story thrown in, it’s clear the industry has eagerly grabbed the opportunity for a much needed financial shot in the arm.

But among the usual tasteless china plates and cups up for sale, some manufacturers have decided to get a little bit creative: our favourites being: The Royal Wedding special-edition GE American style refrigerator; Crown Jewels, Condoms of Distinction; and Guandong Enterprises’ ‘Will’ and Kate Commemorative Mug for the alternate-universe wedding where Kate ditches William at the alter and marries his brother instead.

But fear not, a little searching around has uncovered some design gems; beautiful, quirky little pieces befitting of the kitsch community street parties we all dream about hosting. British designers and sellers like Pedlars, KK Outlet and Saatchi Gallery are pulling out all the stops to ensure that our world renowned British sense of humour shines through. If however, all of this lovey dovey stuff’s not your cup of tea, there’s something for you at the end…

Lucy Published by Lucy 6th April 2011