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Web Lab

21st September 2012

Excitement is stirring in the basement of the Science Museum in London as Google is showing off the power of the internet. Invading the physical realm by launching a new exhibition, Web Lab is a series of interactive Chrome experiments made by Google that brings the extraordinary workings of the internet to life, with the aim of inspiring the world on the possibilities of the web.

Visitors to both the Web Lab and web abled people across the world are coming together to make music with one another, launch information into cyberspace and see where images on the web live and travel. A highlight for me was watching my photograph being taken, processed, translated, and then drawn in sand by a sketchrob.

The exciting installations will be around for a year at the Science Museum, so take a look if you can. Failing that, the experiments are interactive for anyone, anywhere at Chrome Web Lab. (If you don’t have it already, you will need to download Chrome). The website is beautifully put together, and it will be easy to get lost playing on all the online experiments which can all be saved to your account and shared on the usual social medias.

Here is a glimpse of my participation both at the Science Museum and online.











See here for more information.